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how to change jiofi password - full guide

how to change jiofi username and password

change jiofi username passwordHi visitor, change you jiofi password and username, change jiofi password username from phone or pc, reset your jiofi username and password, welcome to the howtochangejiofipassword website. In this article, I will tell you "how to change jiofi password" and also "how to change jiofi username". If you have jio router or hotspot, then you may need to change the password for security or any purpose. You can change the jiofi password and username from mobile and also you can change username and password from pc, easily and also you will get all the details about how to reset your jiofi username and password. Reliance jio has to make variant types models on jiofi. Here I totally say about the changing of jiofi password and username.

You will need to know all about the jiofi if you are a jiofi user, There are many benefits when you change the jiofi password often or once a week. You can avoid the risk of violation of security and you can even lighten up loads of your jiofi devices with less connected smartphones and laptops. That is why it is highly recommended that all WiFi owners like Jiofi user have to do this as a practice. These other unwanted people are kept from snooping around your online data, especially financial related stuff. However, here is the method to change JioFi password.

a lot of people in India who add their smartphones to your jiofi Network. If that is the case, then you have to face a lot of downside in internet speed. And it can be a great hassle when you want to access online directly. What you need to do is change the jiofi password and take control over your WiFi network.

How to change the jiofi password and username from mobile :

How to change the jiofi password and username from Pc :

At first, you need to know that jio wifi password changing method is the same on mobile and pc, so don't be afraid, I will be there, from this method you will totally learn how to change password and username which is given in the below. lets started...............

The best method to change jiofi username and password 

  • At first, connect your Jiofi to a mobile phone or computer/pc/laptop.

  • In the box Reliance, Jio has provided you WiFi SSID and Password.
  • WiFi SSID is your Jiofi name and Password is your Jiofi Password.

  • In the corner of the page, you will find a Login option, click on this.
  • type your details username and password, both are same, your username - administrator & password - administrator. (N.B.- not your wifi SSID and password)

  • After login go to setting.

  • Then click on wifi section and change your WiFi SSID and security option as you wish. Then click apply.

  • finally after clicking apply your wifi connection will be disconnect and connect again and then finally your jiofi username and password are changed.
If you get any problem to change your username and password, then comment on the below, I will sure help you.

 why we are using jiofi :

  • many people are using 3g phones or 2g phones where are not available 4g volte, so doing call you to need the jiofi and an app called jio4gvoice.
  • you can use an extra jio sim on jiofi, it means if you use 2 sims on a mobile then you can use 1 more sim via jiofi.
  • In many places, you have faced network problem, but jiofi covered a good network.
  • this jiofi you can use for multipurpose.
  • Many people connect their wifi to one jiofi.
  • If you have an internet cafe then you can use jiofi in your cafe.
  • jiofi battery backup is better than another hotspot.
  • you can insert a micro sd card on it.
  • jio have many lowest, upper prices plan which you can use on your jiofi.

 why we are not using jiofi :

  • you need an extra app called jio4gvoice to calling.
  • If your ram has not more space then your handset will be the hanging problem.
  • the heating problem, you can not hold jiofi on your pocket after use 1 hour.
  • you need to carry jiofi, where you go.
  • in the lowest version Android of 4.4, my jio app not support. so, we have to face many problems.
  • other apps of jio are not playing in the lowest version android.

Manage your jiofi :

How to configure jiofi:

  • connect your jiofi with pc/mobile.
  • enter the URL http://jiofi.local.html.
  • after that, you can see a login option on the corner of the page, click on it.
  • then it will ask for login details,  your username - administrator & password - administrator. (N.B.- not your wifi SSID and password)
  • after login go to setting and customize your jiofi hotspot and finally click apply.
  • after doing this the connection will be disconnected and you have to connect, enjoy your customize figure.

connection check to access the internet:

  • please check your phone/pc is connected with the jiofi SSID.
  • check properly that is your sim card is properly inserted or not.
  • check jiofi network stability.
  • ensure that your sim card is activated and has sufficient balance or active any plan.

how to use jiofi safely:

  • keep the device in 20 cm distance from the medical device like hearing aids, pacemakers.
  • where electromagnetic radiations are very high, please don't use in this area.
  • please don't use the jiofi where present explosive gases or being processed, like Hospital, Oil pump, chemical factories.
  • don't touch the inner area of the device.
  • keep the device out of children.
  • don't touch metallic parts.

How to use the jiofi device:

  • at first, don't charge the device full night.
  • Don't fall the device into the water or don't drop.
  • please use original accessories.
  • use only nano sim card only, don't try to use any other size sim card.

Battery usage of the jiofi device:

  • don't disassemble the battery & short circuit.
  • always sore in a cool and dry place.
  • Always use original battery and charger to charge the battery.
  • don't use worn out the battery, if you have in bad condition, please replace the battery and replace with original one.
  • please use the battery for intended purpose only.

At the end of changing of  how to change jiofi username and password :

Here I am sharing the best and easy method to change jiofi username and password from your phone or pc. Every person needs to change his username and password to secure, I tried a little to understood you. I hope you happy after following this method.


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